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Etienne Basson

My name is Etienne Basson. I hold and BSc degree in Ecology and studying a Honours in Environmental Monitoring & Modelling through UNISA.

I am employed at Western Cape Government  DEA & DP and work on Green Economy projects with a specific focus on the Ecological Infrastructure Investment Framework.

This year I started the Envirolove Project and have been involved with Matric Wild Nights Out since 2015.Both projects aims to mentor high school youth from under resourced communities and provide them access to educational experiences in natural spaces.

                                                                         Etienne Basson

                                Etienne Basson, a key role player in environmental education.


  1. Hi Etienne, thanks for sharing the initiative re Matric Wild Nights Out. Let's connect please. Martin Albertus, Central Landscape, CapeNature


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